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Older family members have many stories to share with the younger members of their family. Too often, however, our parents and grandparents are gone before we collect these stories and put them in a medium that can be passed on to future generations.

Fred D'Ignazio of Video Life Narrative knows what you are going through. His mother Libby has a failing memory. For her 80th birthday Fred created a DVD and presented it on a big screen for the family members and friends who assembled to honor Libby. The video told Libby's life story in pictures. Fred interviewed his father, Babe, to tell the stories of Libby's life that accompanied the pictures.

All the family members now have a copy of the DVD to share with their children and, eventually, the grandchildren. Babe and Libby watch the video frequently. Babe's narrative and the dozens of pictures energize Libby's memory, and she is able to reconstruct her life again and again, as she watches her life unfold on the TV screen.

Our services include:

  • Video and audio interviews with family and friends 
  • Creation of a digital library of photos and other memorabilia
  • Live presentation at a birthday party or other event
  • Creation of a DVD
  • Copies of the DVD for family and friends

Mementos Preserve Memories

Older family members can benefit from techniques to stimulate their memories. Please see:


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